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Refund Policy

Sulima Internet offers a flexible refund policy. All of our services are offered on a refundable 30-day time frame.

If for any reason you are not satisfied or you decide to change your mind about our service, you can request a termination of service and a full refund of money paid into it. If you had made payment by check or credit card and the payment had not been cleared by the financial institution, you may order stop-payment.

 No refund will be made to you until the check or credit card used has been cleared by the financial institution or credit card company. Refund or credit card payment will be made through the issuing financial institution of the credit card to the account authorized on the credit card.

 Refund on payment made by check will be done through check to the name on the check that was used to make payment. Any delay in processing a refund will be determined by the individual circumstance of the payment under review. If the refund has no special circumstance, refund can be made with five (5) business days.

 Please when requesting a termination and refund, do so via email to maintain a written documentation



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